Colour / graphic labels

The product is sold by a nice label.

From IQ PRODUCT you will get it beautifully designed, professionally processed and printed. Multi-coloured labels have the widest place in our portfolio, with the possibility of embossing, screen printing, printing on glue, with surface treatment with UV varnish, or lamination.

For the production of these labels, it is possible to use any technology or their combination. From flexo printing to offset, embossing to screen printing.

Labels are produced and printed on a variety of materials, from standard matte, semi-gloss and glossy papers to plastics such as PP, PE, PET, PVC. In combination with different types of adhesives, they work perfectly even where high demands are placed on resistance to weather conditions or humidity.

The main area of use is the food industry, cosmetics, pharmacy, alcohol and wine production, but labels touch almost all industries.

In addition to the promotional and informational function, especially in the case of food labels, special emphasis has recently been placed on consumer safety, manufacturers are forced to use certified materials, adhesives with a certificate for direct contact with food.

What we offer in this segment:


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