Graphic label printers

We offer special graphic label printers from renowned manufacturers EPSON and DTM.

They are desktop industrial graphic printers that use inkjet printing technology with precise rendering in realistic colours or detailed printing.

Thanks to these printers, you can completely avoid the lengthy and expensive process of printing labels. You will be able to print colour labels immediately at your place in large and small series, even though each label is different, which saves time and money.

With personalization, you can print date of manufacture/use by date, flavor, packaging or serial numbers. Label printers offer many options in terms of material, size and shape. Matte or glossy paper as well as plastic PE are optional.

If the conditions of use require extreme durability, the matte PE plastic label with durable adhesive is an excellent choice, which will not be damaged by water, oil, alcohol, chemicals or acetone, will not fade or wear out despite external damage.

Inkjet printers are recommended for labelling tasks in the food industry (for graphic labelling of products), in the commercial sphere (promotional labels), in the field of chemicals and healthcare (GHS label, drug label) or in manufacturing (inventory, tracking workflows), or in logistics (packaging, labelling of product compliance).

What do we offer in this segment:


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