Textile materials

Textile ribbons/labels are suitable for thermal transfer printing in thermal transfer printers or are printed on using hot stamp foils designed for textiles.

Such ribbons/labels are characterized by high resistance to standard, chemical and stoneware washing.

Textile ribbons/labels are made from woven and non-woven materials (polyamide, polyester, satin) in white or black and meet the demanding criteria of Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

Information on it can be easily printed on thermal transfer printers of various types. It does not fray when cut and is resistant to standard household washing.

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Satin material is recommended for the production of branded labels or especially for underwear labels due to its softness. At the same time, it also requires a more suitable thermal transfer printer for printing. It can fray when gathered, which requires it to be sewn "into a loop".

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It is most often used for printing rental labels for denim products and information labels. It resists standard washing very well and prints well on thermal transfer printers.

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