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IQ PRODUCT Your partner for labels in the electronic industry

IQ PRODUCT is your partner when it comes to labels for the electronics industry. Our range of products, which specifically serve this industrial sector, are designed for the toughest surfaces and offer ideal solutions for electrical marking. We are specialists in high quality materials, identification and cable labels.

Printed circuit boards and small electronic components place high demands on marking. Our labels meet these requirements thanks to high heat resistance, the ability to adhere well even to demanding substrates and good printability. The systems we have developed for marking in the electronics industry enable reliable product identification throughout the entire product life cycle.

We also take into account the trend of electronic devices and components becoming smaller and more compact. Our labels are designed to print all important information such as IDs and barcodes, no matter how small.

Well-known companies such as CONTINENTAL, SAMSUNG, ENICS rely on our many years of experience and ISO certification.


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