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The IQ PRODUCT company is the successor of the very well-known AG FOIL brand in Slovakia, but also in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Serbia. Under it, high-quality self-adhesive labels on rolls of various sizes and shapes are constantly produced.

History of IQ PRODUCT (formerly AG FOIL):

1996 – the first beginnings of the company and establishment of brand awareness
2000 – creation of the ALDA brand on the Slovak market
2001 – the first company in Slovakia operating as a producer of thermal transfer (TTR) ribbons
2004 – renaming the brand from ALDA to AG FOIL and starting the production of self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive labels
2014 – division of the companies into AG FOIL and AG FOIL EUROPE and construction of a new AG FOIL EUROPE hall in Trebatice
2017 – acquisition of the production company R & H Labels from Trnava into the AG FOIL portfolio and the establishment of the Trnava branch of AG FOIL
2021 – cancellation of the Trnava branch of AG FOIL and moving under one roof to the current headquarters in Trebatice near Piešťany
2024 – rebranding from AG FOIL to IQ PRODUCT


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