Flexographic UV printing

UV flexo technology is a variant of “printing from a height” technology, which is the most widespread type of printing of self-adhesive labels with wide application.

The colours are applied using a relief printing form to the printed material, where they are subsequently dried using UV lamps. In one year, we can print tens of thousands of kilometers of material with a 100% ongoing guarantee of print quality.

Thanks to the expanding machine park, we can offer variable and flexible production of labels that meets the current demands of customers on the market. We are improving the production processes so that they allow us the maximum colour matching of the products, regardless of the technology on which the labels were made.

The advantage of flexo printing is the possibility to implement large orders and at the same time provide a series of refining operations, such as e.g. embossing, lamination, adhesive printing, etc.

Flexo printing is widely used for labels for products in the food industry, the beverage industry, in cosmetics or in various industrial areas.


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