Pharmaceutical labels for the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories

Do you need to store labelled test tubes at -196 °C? Our labels can handle it.

Need to identify slides during sample loading? Not a problem.

Do you need labels that will not come off from pipettes, flasks, vials and other glass devices? Look no further.

IQ PRODUCT labels are accurate, reliable and efficient.

Labels that adapt to the sizes of test tubes, slides and test tube racks.

Labels that will always be readable by everyone.

A label capable of withstanding extreme conditions in freezers, in an autoclave, in liquid nitrogen or in boiling water, being resistant to solvents such as xylene, dimethyl sulfoxide and ethanol.

IQ PRODUCT has many years of experience and extensive expertise in the production of labels for the pharmaceutical industry.

Specific audits by experts and customers ensure certified standards and guarantee continuous quality.

Reliable labels for every sample.


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