Leporelo & sandwich labels

The added value of sandwich labels is the possibility of using a much larger amount of texts, multilingual mutations or instructions directly on the label indicating the product.

Sandwich labels are one of the most popular and very frequently used forms of labels. This label consists of a multi-page structure made of paper or foil with the possibility of re-opening and closing. You could say that the multi-page sandwich label works like a label on a label.

After ungluing, both layers remain firmly connected at the end. Therefore, the label does not deteriorate after the first use and remains intact. The upper part can be used for eye-catching graphics. After peeling off the top layer, a space of two pages is opened for all texts.

This product is most often used when labelling goods from the pharmaceutical or chemical industry (for creams, vitamins, medicines, nail varnishes, gels and similar products), where the space for the label is relatively small.


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