Wax/resin ribbons (WAX/RESIN)

Ribbons of this type are intended for printing on matt and semi-gloss paper labels as well as plastic labels and are used where the print should be characterized by increased abrasion resistance.

The wax/resin blend in these ribbons provides excellent print contrast, code readability and abrasion resistance. They are used primarily in the areas of logistics, warehouse, but also in the electrical industry, where it is necessary to ensure slightly greater resistance and durability of printing than with wax tapes.

Application use of wax-resin ribbons:

  • labelling for the automotive industry
  • lumber tags
  • labelling of pharmaceutical and medical applications
  • transport, storage and retail labels and tags
  • labelling of textile and clothing products

The most frequently used wax/resin ribbons:

  • AG31 – for reprinting plastic labels, sometimes used as ECO RESIN ribbon
  • AG34 – universal W/R ribbon for plastic and paper labels


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