Wax/resin ribbons for near edge print heads (WAX/RESIN NEAR EDGE)

Ribbons of this type are intended for printers with an inclined head. The advantage of these ribbons is good resistance to mechanical abrasion and excellent print quality even at high speeds.

Thanks to the combination of wax and resin, these thermal transfer ribbons are suitable for printing on coated and uncoated paper, as well as foil and synthetic labels. Thanks to their good properties in terms of resistance to smearing and scratching, they are ideally suited for high-quality and durable product labelling as well as for logistics labels. This means that they belong to the premium class when it comes to the quality and durability of thermal transfer printing. Only the resistance to chemicals is limited.

Application use of wax-resin ribbons for NEAR EDGE:

  • Labels for single and multiple packaging
  • Flexible packaging
  • Salty snacks (snacks), vegetables
  • Frozen vegetable bags, frozen food bags
  • Confectionery and bakery foods
  • Meat packaging, coffee packaging
  • Pharmaceutical labels

The most commonly used wax/resin ribbons for NEAR EDGE:

  • AG71 / AG75UN – intended for print on plastic and paper surfaces, possibility of use also in desktop NEAR EDGE printers
  • AG74+ / AG75 – premium W/R ribbons for direct printing of packaging material


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