Wax ribbons (WAX)

Wax ribbons are primarily intended for general use with simple application and low printing energy.

They are mainly used for printing on matt and semi-gloss paper labels. The print is characterized by low resistance to abrasion – that’s why they are intended for printing short-term brands.

They are made on the basis of wax, but some qualities also contain a small admixture of resin, which increases their abrasion resistance.

Mainly used where price is a priority – i.e. in logistics, trade, for printing address labels, shipping labels and price labels.

Application use of wax ribbons:

  • logistic labels and shipping labels
  • coated and uncoated paper labels
  • labels for individual and multiple packaging, retail labels
  • pharmaceutical labels
  • blood bags, warning labels, polybags, tracking labels Lot Nr.

The most frequently used wax ribbons:

  • AG7 – the most commonly used wax tape for reprinting standard paper applications
  • AG8 – for reprinting semi-glossy labels or their colour versions


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