The automotive industry places high demands on product labeling. Labels from IQ PRODUCT meet these most demanding requirements in an excellent way. With quality and services, we set the highest standards of identification in the B2B sector. Well-known companies such as Continental, Hella, TESLA, ZKW rely on our many years of experience and our ISO certification.

The interest of car manufacturers is to protect the brand from possible concerns of customers about safety. For this reason, they rightfully demand from their suppliers guarantees of absolute traceability of their parts, until the end of the vehicle’s life.

IQ PRODUCT develops its products and services depending on the specific needs of each industry. Our team of technical experts is able to implement such a marking system that optimizes the performance of customers’ processes.

Our labels are produced in ISO certified facilities. This gives our customers the confidence that their production processes will not be disrupted by any shortcoming on the part of our products.

Labels must be resistant not only to chemical substances, but also to high and low temperatures and mechanical influences. They should have sufficient adhesion and should be able to be removed without residue if necessary. Furthermore, they must be tear-resistant, scratch-resistant and always perfectly legible.

They are designed for a long life. We use special adhesives that are able to handle even the most demanding conditions.


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